The New Sacramental for the World Today
Letter of Recognition by Bishop


The Holy Rosary has been prayed in Ireland and in countries all over the world for centuries and is Heaven sent, spoken at Fatima by Our Blessed Mother.
The Rosary as we know it, in its consistency has been changed from wood to glass to crystal. Then it has been changed more of recent times to different colours and taken the forms of different shapes sizes and shades, even scented Roses, Petals etc.
In the current climate in the world abortion prevails and the Rosary now contains tear drops with a little baby inside each teardrop.
When we pray on this particular Rosary our attention is drawn to the unborn baby whom we pray for as an intention. It reminds us of the baby in the womb who has no voice with which to speak with, who is helpless, God’s Creation in danger of being killed in abortion.
This Rosary is like all rosaries a weapon against the devil. The Rosary is part of the Church, part of the faithful and part of our lives in defeating evil.
This Rosary of The Unborn has nothing in it against Church teaching, it promotes praying for the unborn, it unborn, it places clearly in the mind of the person praying, exactly what he is praying for. The power of the Rosary is well documented and so with this Rosary of The Unborn it deserves to be given recognition, the recognition it deserves.
I give recognition to this Rosary of The Unborn as of special importance in the world today in the fight against abortion.

Dr. Michael Russell, (1920-2009), Retired Bishop of Waterford & Lismore, Ireland

During the 50th Eucharistic Congress Dublin Ireland 2012, Cardinal Ouellet, The Papal Legate (Pope’s Representative) on visiting the Holy Love Information Stand at the Congress and on being shown the Crystal Rosary and the work being done in the spreading of Rosary of the Unborn said: “This is wonderful work, you must keep this Mission going, keep going with this Mission.”

Sr. Briege McKenna said: “I have this Rosary and I pray on it.”

Cardinal Napier, South Africa, said: “This is wonderful we need to get these Rosaries to South Africa.”

Archbishop Martin, Dublin said: “You are getting people to pray on The Rosary of the Unborn.”

Fr. Donal O’Reilly from Victoria, Canada said: “Wonderful! We must get these to Canada and for those who pray on The Rosary of the Unborn they become Disciples of The Unborn.”

Become a Disciple of The Unborn by praying on The Rosary of the Unborn, The New Sacramental for the World today.

Cardinal Ouellet, The Papal Legate (Pope's Representative), receiving The Rosary of the Unborn from Declan & Carmel at the 50th Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, Ireland.

Make it known!


"Awaken mankind and help each soul to surrender to the Will of his Divine Creator. Amen."


"Dear children, if you pray the Rosary of the Unborn or the Chaplet of the Unborn against abortion, then you are doing all you can in the present moment to console My Son's Most Mournful Heart. This is the sin that most epitomizes the narcissism of the heart of the world today and calls upon God's Justice." "Your prayers can save lives." (Our Lady, Oct 7, 2013)

A sincere "Thank You" to all of those who have prayed and made The Rosary of the Unborn known!

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